Tips to boost that bikini body confidence before summer plus a FREE eBook

Looking to boost your body confidence? Here are some tips + a FREE eBook

Being body confident can be hard when the images you are constantly bombarded with are filtered, glossed over and photo shopped to show only what is thought of as ‘perfect’. Our Australian swimwear label aims to change recent times. A wider range of body shapes and types are now being highlighted in the media by major brands which is a step forward, but there is still a long way to go before body confidence is the norm.

So how can you build your body confidence in a world that makes millions from you hating your body? Here are some tips to help you shift your mindset and start to love the body you’re in rather than fight it.

Top tips to help build body love and body confidence

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We’ve all had those small moments of ultimate confidence whether it's in that dress that just always makes you feel like a goddess or those days where you pull together a ‘perfect’ outfit so strut down the street. No matter what made you feel that way there have been times that you have felt absolutely amazing! 
On the other side of that is the times you have felt the opposite so here are some tips to help shift your mind those other times.

Look for the positives in others 

Every person no matter who they are have things within them that are worth highlighting. Find the elements of others personalities that you admire and acknowledge it even if you don’t know them personally just putting that energy in the world will help boost your mood and mindset.

Recognise your power

No matter how terrible you feel like your life, your health or your body is recognise that you have the strength of mind and will power to make changes to make it better. You are more powerful than you realise, your mind is an amazing thing that shapes your world, remember that the next time you want to play the victim because something isn’t quite right.

Stay in the moment

Buddha is quoted as saying, “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” Adhering to these wise words not only allows you to have more focus on what you are doing now but also prevents you from analysing and judging yourself or others around you. We all have moments where our mind wanders and this is fine as well but if you focus too much on what could have been or might be you lose sight of what is here and now, and that is where the real magic is.

Dish out the compliments  

Have you ever received a compliment and instantly felt that boost of confidence and happiness? Imagine how you would feel if you gave that feeling to someone else! Giving a compliment is a free way to spread kindness and as an added bonus it gives you a boost of feeling good as well but make sure you are being honest and genuine, no one wants a fake compliment.

Make room for positivity

When making any change in your life you need to make room for that change in your life. If you are spending too much time thinking negative thoughts or focussing on the bad things then how are you going to have the time to spread love and kindness and shifting your mind to the positive? There is a huge push for decluttering these days thanks to Marie Kondo’s books and TV Show but this concept of removing clutter from your life to make room for new things has been around for years in many forms.  So why not jump on board.

Digital detox

A great way to start a declutter is to do a digital detox or a social media blackout. There have been numerous studies that have shown the negative affect social media has on people’s mental health so taking a break even if just 1 day a week can cause a shift in perspective, mood and overall happiness. Whilst were decluttering our digital life how about you clear out your inbox, delete unnecessary, unused or old files off your computer and get rid of those apps on your phone that you either don’t use or that don’t bring you joy.

These are just a few tips to assist you on your journey to becoming the woman you want to be. It is an ongoing journey to self discovery, and to support you, I have written an eBook called “Charlie Mae Swimwear’s path to Self Love & Body Confidence.” 

The eBook contains many more tips and advice like the above plus comes with an amazing 7 Day Body Confidence Plan to support you on the journey to self love.

Get your copy of Charlie Mae Swimwear’s path to Self Love & Body Confidence here. 


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