Creating A Better World

Sustainable Swimwear

A carefully curated collection of sustainable and eco-friendly swimwear symbolising a new beginning through our earthy tones and clean lines.

With a unique textured fabric, designed to be fresh yet timeless, carrying you through the season and beyond... 

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Our Approach

Each and every Charlie Mae garment is hand crafted from recycled or sustainable fabrics. We believe in sustainable creation and striving to fully close the loop within our manufacturing process.

Our collections pioneer sustainability as we push the boundaries of what is possible within the industry, to bring you thoughtful pieces that are equal parts beauty, love and quality.

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Our eco-friendly and sustainable swimwear

Protecting our environment, oceans and entire planet is important to us and, collectively, we can all make an impact. Fortunately, there’s a positive movement and rise in the amount of businesses and individuals who dream of, and are fighting for, a more sustainable future.

This is at the core of everything we do. Our sustainable swimwear is crafted using recycled, eco-friendly and sustainable materials. Our beautiful swimwear is designed to look good and do good.

Our range is inclusive of coloured styles, patterned swimwear, plain black pieces and white swimwear as well.

abadi ~ timeless

Adjective: ageless, immutable, for all moments.