Our Top 5 Bohemian Influencers

The earth provides for us, and so do our beautiful bodies. We are gorgeous extensions of the earth and we focus on women who have reclaimed their relationship with their bodies among our turbulent world of social media, and our distorted self image. These women use their power for good and we can only hope more social media influencers head in this direction.

This list of 5 beautiful bohemian bloggers are an inspiration to our current world and will help you feel happier, full-filled, feminine and beautiful. 

Montana Lower

Montana is a gorgeous woman inside and out. This boho beauty teaches us many life lessons that are often forgotten in todays world. She shows us gratitude, she teaches us that we are all on our own path, that no ones success should define your own, to trust in the things that you truely desire and not to get caught up in what other people are doing. Find what sets your heart on fire and follow it! xx

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Ivy Carnegie

Ivy is a beautiful soul that glows from the inside out. Through Instagram she teaches happiness, health and creativity. She teaches us to embrace our natural femininity and shows us what a balanced life can be like. With the birth of her beautiful little girl Barley, Ivy has voiced her ups and downs with balancing life with a new born and all of the great adventures that come with it. 

Another wonderful Instagram page Ivy partners with named @grovecollaborative, shows us how we can live a more sustainable life at home and reduce our impact on the planet. Sustainability is such a great issue today and it's becoming so real to us more than ever as we grow up and have our own kids, to be more aware of our plastic usage and other waste.   

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Dominique Elissa

We know that with every moment of our existence, we influence the world around us and it influences us in turn—a natural symbiosis operating on a physical, mental and energetic level. Dom doesn't waste a second. She inspires us to get up and get moving; to go and do the things we want to do. She is a beautiful, smiley ball of exuberant vitality and we could all take a leaf from her book. No more days wasted!  

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Mimi Elashiry

Mimi has always been one of our favourites. Shes got style, invigorating images and a love for our environment. She is the perfect combination of class and sass. We love Mimi because she isn't afraid to express herself and her art is beautifully human. She is real; she loves animals, our environment - she loves being herself and she is a fantastic role model for girls worldwide. 

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Helena Christensen

Helena is one of our most inspiring women. She is part of several charity organisations and community groups all over the world. She assists with a Rhino rescue project in Africa to stop poachers killing them for their horns. This is such a great cause and if you want to read more click here. Helena is also an advocate for refugees. We think it's great to see influencers using their power for good, and we hope to see more influencers taking this path.

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~ If this blog speaks to you we would love to hear from you. Or if you have any influencers you believe are making a change please comment down below! xx

Charlie Mae

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