Our Sustainable Australian Swimwear Boutique's Eco-fabric Makeup

A powerful shift is happening in the fashion industry and Charlie Mae Swimwear is proud to be amongst it.

Our bathing suits made from recyclable materials are created mindfully, and the growth of our brand is testament to the gorgeous girls who choose to celebrate and support sustainable and ethical fashion.

We use Vita PL to make our eco friendly swimwear, a sustainable techno-fabric made of polyester. It is made of 100% recycled polyester from pre and post consumer materials. Our business deeply focuses on a deep respect for our planet and environment and translates into a real sustainability commitment by supporting our staff, other local businesses on the northern beaches here in Sydney, and the global eco-system through a number of projects. 

How is our recycled swimwear made?

The "Healthy Seas" initiative put together a non governmental association with several other businesses sharing a common mission: cleaning our planet and waters from pollution, including the ghost fishing nets which kill so many sea creatures. Healthy Seas main objective is:

  • collaborating with fishing communities to enforce preventive actions to reduce the pollution caused by discarded fishing nets and to find new solutions for disposing of them in a financially and environmentally sustainable way
  • running some training programmes to promote the importance of more environmentally responsible choices.

Through the organisation, the fishing nets are recovered together with some other materials, are then delivered to a regeneration plant where, thanks to a sophisticated and complex process, the above mentioned materials are turned into recycled fabrics to make our eco friendly Australian swimwear!

Why do we choose recycled fabric for our Australian swimwear boutique?

We choose Vita PL for two main reasons ~ Not just for the beautiful feel, fit and finish!

 they have to be the highest quality possible. We believe in slow fashion, not disposable swimwear. When you buy an item you should be looking to make good use of it, not throw it away after a few swims. 

The second reason is that they are the most technically advanced fabrics available. Meaning they will last as long as possible because they're made out of the best stuff we could get our hands on!

Giving to Charity

As the founder is a Veterinary Nurse, I am sure you know we LOVE animals! Each year a portion of our profits are donated to animal welfare groups in Australia such as RSPCA, Sydney dogs and cats home, Monicas doggy rescue and Animal welfare league NSW.


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