10 Tips For Avoiding Belly Bloat

We all know the feeling. You try on your cute new bikini, and all you can see is a swollen, bloated belly. Since over 30% of us experience belly-bloating on a regular basis, it's a good thing that we can do something about this dreaded belly bloat! Below, we've laid out what you need to know before you step out in our Australian swimwear boutique's bikini this summer! 

What is bloating?

Bloating is when your tummy feels larger and more uncomfortable than normal. It appears swollen, and it often happens quickly. It's caused by trapped gas, or constipation if your bowels aren't moving regularly. If you're bloated, you'll probably have: 

  • Cramps
  • Burps or flatulence
  • Swelling
  • Constipation or diarrhoea 

Common causes of bloating are: 

  • Stress
  • Hormones
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and other conditions 
  • Food intolerance
  • Constipation 

So, if bloating is so common, and there are so many possible causes, what can you do about it?

10 ways to avoid bloating

Want to avoid bloating and look fabulous in your bikini this summer? Here are our top tips -- including what to eat, and what to avoid!

1: Eat capsicums

Capsicums aren't just tasty - they're easy to digest, which helps them pass through your digestive system without causing gas buildup. Add these to any lunchtime or evening salad for a refreshing, bloat-free snack.

2: Drink more water

Water helps flush toxins from your system, reduce inflammation, and support your body's vital functions. Staying hydrated minimises the buildup of gas and bloating around the tummy.  

3: Enjoy fresh fruit

Fresh fruit is easy to digest and very refreshing. Don't eat it all at once, though - too much fruit means a lot of fibre, which can cause bloating. Take a little fruit as a snack, and it'll satisfy your cravings without swelling up your belly. 

4: Add nuts to your meals 

Nuts are crunchy, filling, and nutritious, and they contain enough fibre to help your bowels move regularly. Constipation and fibre deficiencies cause bloating, so you want to ensure you're getting enough fibre to keep your tummy lean and bloat-free. 

5: Avoid salt 

Salt is a major contributor to bloating and a distended, swollen tummy. This is because salt encourages your body to hold onto water. Limit your salt intake before you head to the beach for a lean look.                                                  

6: Don't under eat

You might think it's best to fast before strutting in your bikini, but this is the worst thing you can do. Undereating stresses the body out, which causes discomfort, indigestion, and bloat. Eat regularly, but stick to foods you know you digest easily.  

7: Stay away from high-fat foods

High-fat and processed foods are hard for our bodies to digest. This results in excess gas and general bloat. Stick to clean, lean foods that are high in protein and fibre but low in saturated fat. 

8: Drink some peppermint tea

Peppermint tea is yummy, and it helps reduce the appearance of bloating. Replace your morning coffee with peppermint tea to minimise any distension. 

9: Walk more 

Walking, or any gentle exercise, stimulates the digestive tract and helps disperse any gas that's lurking in your stomach. Take a nice stroll along the beach, and the bloat should fade away.

10: Relax 

Never underestimate the power of relaxation. Our guts can be sensitive to stress which leads to bloating and discomfort. Indulge in some pampering before throwing on your bikini - your tummy will thank you for it! 

Now get in your bikini & be fearless!

To stay bloat-free this summer, ensure that you stay hydrated, get plenty of exercise, and stick to easily digested, low-fat food. Get into your bikini, pack some fruit and water in your bag, and have a fantastic day at the beach! 

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