5 Ways To Improve Your Mental Health By Australian Swimwear Designer

I might be an Australian swimwear designer but i know that mental health issues are so much more than just a diagnosis – we become disconnected from ourselves, we start to forget the sacredness of our own form. A distorted vision of who we are, but when we remember who we are beyond our physical forms, we can begin to really care for the body we are currently living in.

Everyone from your neighbour to your favourite movie star can struggle with mental health and everyone else in between. And mental health issues can hit you at any time throughout your life – while you are sitting at your desk at work, while shopping for clothing or swimwear online, or even while just relaxing in your backyard.

Underneath our outworn fears, we are brimming with energy to be channeled into unique, beautiful creations. Once we learn to recognise and release our restrictions, this freedom of self-expression spills over into every aspect of your life.

There are a few ways you can work to improve your mental health overall on your own:

Get outside

Of course, the first thing you probably think we mean is to go for a run or do some type of exercise. While exercise is a great reason to get outside and will help improve your mental health, there are other things to do outside such as:

Go for a swim

The beach, or even a pool, is a great way to clear your mind. Visit your favourite Australian swimwear boutique online and grab some new swimwear to rep at your favourite Australian swim spots. You'll feel better for it!

Walk around in the grass

Did you know that just feeling the grass beneath your feet can help with anxiety and depression? The soft, cool texture of the grass is natural and calming to the body. Next time you feel overwhelmed, simply walk outside, take your shoes off and stand or take a stroll through the closest patch of grass.

Relax in the park

The same way grass improves your mental health, so does the sun and fresh air. You could be relaxing in the pool in your Australian swimwear at a close park, or just simply sitting on the park bench.

Take a notebook with you and write! ~ Abandon punctuation, sentence structure, and take no pauses. Allow your mind to unravel onto the page, writing faster than your judgments or inner filter can keep up with.

When you are feeling down, remember the outdoors is your friend.

Do something you love

Maybe it is riding your bike, surfing, maybe it is reading a book, maybe it is painting something abstract – whatever you find joy in doing, do it.

Delight yourself in movement! ~ Come a live by fully stepping into your senses, dance, meditate, take a yoga class. Soul-gaze - stand in front of a mirror and look into your eyes, take a few breaths and do not look away. Relax into the presence and even add an affirmation like "I am love." YOU yourself are LOVE, you deserve to come back to yourself and learn to enjoy your time alone. 

At first, you might struggle with getting yourself started, but once you get in the groove, you will feel a sense of joy. There are reasons why we love things, and generally one of those main reasons is that it calms us down.

If you aren't sure what you love doing, then set out to find something you love! Don't be afraid to try something new. 

Write down things you are grateful for

mental health

In the midst of a mental health issue, it can be easy to focus on what is going wrong, things we are upset about, or other things that will only dig us deeper into the hole we feel we are in.

Take a moment to remind yourself that not everything in life is bad, not everything in life has gone wrong. There is always something to be grateful for, even if it is something small. Reminding yourself of these things can improve your mood in ways you might not have been able to do otherwise.

This can also improve your mental health longterm by teaching you to think more positively.

Eat a good meal

What you eat nourishes your whole body, including your brain. 

It can be hard to remember to nourish yourself when you are focused on poor mental health, but this is when your body needs it the most. 

Carbohydrates increase serotonin, a chemical that has been shown to have a calming effect on your mood. Also protein-rich foods increase norepinephrine, dopamine, and tyrosine, which help keep you alert. And vegetables and fruits are loaded with nutrients that feed every cell of your body, including those that affect mood-regulating brain chemicals.

Talk to someone

This can be the hardest but the best solution. Sharing your struggles with someone can be challenging, nobody wants to admit they are feeling down or struggling with something.

Reach out unapologetically – Ask a loving human for help when you usually wouldn’t. Witness the feelings that arise before, during and after this practice. Acknowledge any intense needs to handle everything on your own. See what happens when you release that restriction. Just this once. 

While we might be an Australian swimwear boutique, we understand and value that mental health struggles are something that we all face. It's time we were more opens about these aspects of our lives and stop showing only our highlight reel. 

What do you recommend for improving mental health?

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