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We have made it our mission to try and help save the lives of all homeless Australian pets by giving them the very best chance of finding a human to love for the rest of their lives.

Your kind support of our brand Charlie Mae Swimwear helps to save lives. If you are considering buying a puppy, please stop to consider the fact that an older dog may better suit your lifestyle, and that YOU could save a life. You may not have the time to train a puppy and work full time, or just don't have the patience to train them. While they are cute when they are young, they grow up quickly, and if you dont have the time and energy to put into them, please consider your other options.

When adopting an older dog, you are adopting a soul that has a past. There are so many healthy lovable dogs that come into shelters for several different reasons. Each dog performs temperament and behaviour testing to make sure they are adoptable.

100,000 dogs are euthanased each year in Australia. Adopting is the best way to eradicate puppy farms - by offering your heart and home to a rescued animal. It will make you feel good and you will have SAVED a life and possibly many others. Your adoption fee also goes into helping other animals eat, provides shelter & warmth, as well as medical bills for things such as vaccinations, desexing and worming.

You never know. They might rescue you too..

Below are some fantastic rescue groups if you are looking to adopt in the Sydney area:






Love Beth xx

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