8 Ways To Feel More Confident In Our Sustainable Australian Swimwear

So, here we are, living as co-creators of this reality we call life. Where has our confidence gone? We block ourselves from self-expression, we restrict our sense of connection to this inherently playful, joyful center of self.

Many of us don’t feel confident in a bikini. Feelings can range from a hint of apprehension to an overwhelming sense of dread - or refusing to wear a bikini altogether! But that’s a shame. At Charlie Mae, we believe that women of all shapes and sizes should love their bodies and wear what they want when they want. We have high waisted bikinis, one piece swimsuits and triangle bikinis to suit everyone! With that in mind, here are eight tips to help you feel more confident in a bikini. 

Accentuate Your Finest Assets 

Know your body type, flatter your figure and embrace your femininity! 

If you’re pear-shaped and you’re self-conscious about your bottom, hips or thighs, choose a bikini top with a plunging neckline or an eye-catching pattern to draw the eye upwards. A frilly bikini top will help to balance out your bottom half. Skimpier bottoms will flatter your curves and elongate your torso. 

For a small bust, choose triangle tops, and bikini tops with bold prints and embellishments. Look for more details and gorgeous patterns on the cups, frills around the cleavage, and any amount of flounces, and no one will notice your smaller bust.  

If you’re apple-shaped, gathered fabric around the waist of your bikini bottoms will help to hide bulges and create definition. A plunging neckline will enhance your bust, making sure any attention is focused away from your lower half. 

Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin 

Sometimes, it’s worth paying a bit extra for quality, and buying a bikini is one of those times. Buying a known brand means the fabric is more likely to feel comfortable against your skin. You want swimwear designed and made by the experts to avoid labels that catch, fabrics that irritate, or seams that rub.  

Make Sure it Fits 

Don’t buy a bikini that’s larger than you would normally choose in the hope that it will provide more coverage. You will just end up with unsightly gaps, and it won’t provide you with adequate support. Order your normal bikini size. If you prefer a snug fit, choose a bikini with different size clip back closures, ties or adjustable straps so you can tighten them to fit your body.

Banish the Bloat 

Don’t worry about a swollen tummy. There are plenty of things you can do to banish the bloat. Add some cayenne pepper into your drink to stimulate your digestion and ease gas. Add turmeric to a smoothie for a detox. Drink coconut water to flush out extra sodium. Ginger, peppermint tea, asparagus, and spinach are also great for bloating. Alternatively, a workout that makes you sweat does wonders for a bloated stomach. 

Get Ready to Glow 

Who doesn’t feel better with a beautiful bronzed glow? A fake tan will hide a multitude of flaws and help you feel a whole lot better about showing off your flesh. You want to look naturally sun-kissed, so take time to choose the best product for you and prepare your skin before application. 

Accessorise to Glamourise 

Be as creative as you like. Add bracelets, toe rings, body jewellery, tummy chains, body chains, earrings, layered pendants, anklets or necklaces. Also, consider statement shades, an oversized straw hat, hair accessories, and sandals, wedges or flip-flops.  

Add a Sensual Sarong 

A sarong is a great way to add instant confidence when you’re feeling your most vulnerable. If you’re worried about lumps, bulges, cellulite or scars, you can drape it around your waist and tie if at the waist for coverage that looks both natural and stylish. 

Learn Self Love and Confidence 

Instead of admiring well-known celebrities and supermodels on social media, open your eyes to the people around you. This is real life, and real people have their faults. Take a longer look at those women who inspire you and who radiate happiness. You can decide to shed the layers of destruction for yourself. Decide to make a change. If you’re still struggling with a lack of self-confidence, we have a fantastic eBook about to be released! Sign up to our newsletter to get it for FREE!

Although you shouldn’t have to worry about your shape and size, we know that’s easier said than done. But the chances are, when you’re wearing a bikini, everyone else around you will be too busy worrying about how they look to notice you. Remember only YOU can change the way you see yourself, and you are beautiful.

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