Sustainable Swimwear For Our Girls Who Love The Ocean
All materials we take from the earth, but some are more sustainable than others. We are committed to creating from the most sustainable fibers we can source, whilst staying true to the premium quality & soft fabrics our customers have come to expect and love...VIEW POST
Jan 7th, 2019
ARLO - The Greatest Version of You
A few words on confidence from founder of Charlie Mae, Beth Ireland... If you could describe the person you'd most like to become, how would you describe her? What hobbies, activities, and habits would she enjoy? Is she kind, strong and loving? Does she support the women around her? I have spent a lot of my life living...VIEW POST
Sept 30, 2018
Chasing your dream - How I launched my own Australian Swimwear label
Have you ever had a dream to start your own business? This is how Beth created Charlie Mae Swimwear.
I began designing bikinis because I love to draw and create. I have always felt very comfortable and happy while I'm in my creation zone. It takes me to a place where I can do anything I want with no limitations...VIEW POST
How I launched my own Australian Swimwear Label
Jan 13, 2017
Swimwear by Charlie Mae | Animal Welfare Donations
We travel the world to give animals the tools they need to live a full and happy life. While we love our cause we also travel to create inspiration for our boutiques bikinis. By doing this with your help we can create better lives for disadvantaged animals everywhere...VIEW POST
April 18, 2017


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